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Over his 20-plus-year career, the Peruvian-born, Paris-based architect Diego Delgado-Elias has fine-tuned his distinct approach to interiors, marrying the classical elegance of European architecture and the functionality of early modern design with an elan that imbues a space with warmth and personality.

After studying visual arts in the US, Delgado-Elias transitioned to architecture studies in Lima, Peru, where a formative interest in Luis Barragan’s experiential approach, in which the Mexican architect employed natural light and scale to evoke emotion, was established. Post-graduation, Delgado-Elias worked with fellow Peruvian, Bernardo Fort Brescia in his Miami-based studio, Arquitectonica. He transferred to the agency’s Paris office while completing his post-graduate studies in the French capital masters. His interest in creating ambiance and the beauty of detail prevailed, and he soon transitioned from large-scale architectural projects to interior design, establishing his eponymous studio in Paris in 2014.

Today, clients the world over seek out Delgado-Elias for the great consideration he gives to environment and comfort as well as flair for eclecticism. Preserving the character of each site, he eschews monotony and homogeneous design, establishing an elegant harmony between an intriguing mix of materials, both refined and inviting, bespoke furnishings and a thoughtful curation of antiques and artworks.

In recent years, more nascent cultural influences have emerged into the fore, be it the exploration of a warm and welcoming colour palette, or his recent foray into furniture design, which references the materials, iconography and savoir faire of Andean arts. Following a debut collection of woven rugs, developed with Peruvian artisans, a new series of furniture and objects comprised of cabinets, chairs, and ceramic vases will be launched in 2024.


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